Gameroom Gamer Terms of Service

January 11, 2020

Enrollment and Eligibility

1.1 By enrolling in Gameroom Gamer, a Gameroom Gamer rewards program (“Gameroom Gamer” or “Program”), you consent to be bound by these Gameroom Gamer Terms of Service, including any changes made from time to time (collectively the “Agreement”). Capitalized terms used but not defined below have the meaning ascribed to them under the Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of the Agreement, you may not participate in the Program.

1.2 Age Requirements and Residency. You must be over 13 years old and a legal resident of the United States to enroll in the Program. If you are between the ages of 13 and 17 (or otherwise below the age of majority in your jurisdiction), you must have parental or guardian permission to enroll in the Program and accept the Agreement.

1.3 Gameroom Gamer Account. You must have a compatible Internet-connected device, phone number or email, and have a valid Gameroom Gamer Account with a valid payment method to enroll and participate in the Program (“Membership” or “member”). Each Membership is intended to be for a single user and may only be connected to one Gameroom Gamer Account. At its discretion, Gameroom Gamer reserves the right to exclude certain Gameroom Gamer Accounts from enrolling and participating in the Program at any time. Apple is not a sponsor of this mobile app.. Android is not a sponsor of this mobile app.


2.1 As determined by Gameroom Gamer, members are eligible to achieve certain Program points based on the amount of points they earn in the Program (wins or losses). When you are enrolled in the Program, you automatically receive points as determined by Gameroom Gamer. Your eligibility for other additional points will be updated regularly based on the amount of wins and losses you earn throughout the Program. See the website for more information.

2.2 Wins and Losses. To be gain points you must create or accept preset challenges from other users, that are created by Gameroom Gamer. You must accrue a specified amount of points per calendar year based on your wins and losses, or Net Purchases (as defined in section 3.2) or any other opportunities to earn points as determined by Gameroom Gamer.

Points, challenges, and terms are subject to change by Gameroom Gamer at any time without notice.

2.3 Points Benefits. Once you earn more points, you will retain those points for the current and following calendar year, including any accompanying benefits like promotional offers, discounts, and incentives. Additional terms, conditions, and exclusions as made available to you at time of redemption may apply to Points Benefits. Gameroom Gamer reserves the right to add, modify or remove Points Benefits at any time.

Perks. “Perks” are promotional offers, discounts and incentives that are made part of the Program as a Points Benefit. Perks are available while supplies last and substitutions by Gameroom Gamer may occur. Once you reach the various Points, your Perks those Points include all of the Perks (subject to availability) associated with the preceding Points of the Program.
Coupons. Coupons are promotional discounts from Gameroom Gamer that may be used as a discount off of purchases for certain Content like apps, games, consules, another outside purchases from Gameroom Gamer Partners. Coupons are Perks that Gameroom Gamer may offer in the Program from time to time.
Coupon Terms. Your use of Coupons under the Program, Coupons will expire in accordance with the terms and conditions of its issuance. Unless otherwise specified by Gameroom Gamer, Coupons may only be applied to a single purchase transaction of equal or greater value to the Coupon.
Other Perks. Gameroom Gamer reserves the right to offer other Points Benefits in the Program from time to time.

3.1 Earn Points. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, you accrue a specified amount of points as determined by Gameroom Gamer (hereafter referred to as “points”) on all wins and losses on or using Gameroom Gamer and based on your challenges in the Program (“Level Base Point Earn Rate”). For details on Level Base Point Earn Rates by Level see <a href=””>here.</a>.

3.2 Net Purchases and Opportunities to Earn Points. To earn points, you must create or accepted preset challenges by other users in the gameroom. Be enrolled in Gameroom Gamer and signed into the same Gameroom Gamer Account you used to enroll in Gameroom Gamer. Points are earned only for purchases of eligible Content on or using Gameroom Gamer minus any Taxes, applicable discounts, promotional credits and refunds (“Net Purchase”) and any other opportunities to earn points, including but not limited to promotional activities, offers, and member actions, as determined by Gameroom Gamer. From time to time, Gameroom Gamer may offer additional opportunities to earn points.

3.3 Point Application. Points will automatically be applied to your Gameroom Gamer account after making a Net Purchase or completing certain Member Actions (as defined in section 5.1) based on Promotions (as defined in section 5.1) offered by Gameroom Gamer. Unless otherwise specified by Gameroom Gamer, points cannot be earned on purchases made prior to enrolling in Gameroom Gamer.

3.4 Point Restrictions and Limitations.

Points and your Gameroom Gamer account: (i) may not be purchased; (ii) may not be transferred to other users, accounts (including other Gameroom Gamer accounts), or withdrawn for cash; (iii) are not reloadable; and (iv) have no cash value.
Unless otherwise specified by Gameroom Gamer, you will not earn points on purchases made on other Gameroom Gamer properties or third-party websites.
Points may not be combined by you with any prepaid balances in your Gameroom Gamer Account, including but not limited to your Gameroom Gamer promotional balance or your Gameroom Gamer Payments account, and any balance of points you maintain in your Gameroom Gamer account does not constitute any type of prepaid balance you may now or in the future associated with your Gameroom Gamer Account.
The availability of the Program and its features will vary between countries and not all features may be available in your country of Membership. You will only earn points if the billing address on your Gameroom Gamer Account matches your country of Membership.
If a Net Purchase allows you to reach certain points, the points you earn for such Net Purchase will be based on the wins and losses of your points prior to making such Net Purchase unless you are able to earn more points from a Promotion (as defined in section 5.1).
Point Expiration, Reversals and Refunds

4.1 Point Expiration. Unless otherwise specified by Gameroom Gamer, your accumulated and unused points (“Point Balance”) will expire 12 months from the date of your latest points activity (including but not limited to earning and using your points), subject to refunds and cancellations in sections 4.2 through 4.4 below.

4.2 Points will automatically expire if you unenroll from the Program or if your Membership or participation in the Program is revoked or cancelled for reasons specified in section 10 (Change, Removal and Termination).

4.3 Point Reversals. Gameroom Gamer will reverse the points you have earned on any refunded or cancelled purchases. If your Point Balance is insufficient to cover point reversals for any reason, your Point Balance will become negative (“Negative Point Balance”). In such case, any points you receive thereafter will be applied first to offset your Negative Point Balance, and you will not have any points available for use until your Point Balance becomes positive.

4.4 Refunds. To prevent potential abuse or fraud in the Program, Gameroom Gamer may restrict refunds Net Purchases in instances where awarding that refund would result in the user having a Negative Point Balance.


5.1 Promotions. At its sole discretion, Gameroom Gamer may run promotional activities offering points, coupons, promotional credits, discounts and other promotional incentives on certain member actions in connection with Gameroom Gamer and also on Gameroom Gamer authorized channels, including third-party channels (“Promotion(s)”). Member actions include but are not limited to, making Net Purchases, wins and losses of preset challenges, (“Member Actions”). Points from Promotions will be applied to your Gameroom Gamer account after completing certain Member Actions.

5.2. Promotion Types.

Bonus Point Promotions. Bonus point promotions are Promotions where Gameroom Gamer offers a set amount of points for certain Member Actions (“Bonus Point Promotions”).
Other Promotions. Gameroom Gamer reserves the right to offer other Promotions from time to time.

5.3 Promotion Restrictions. Unless otherwise specified by Gameroom Gamer:

Promotions are for a limited time and may be subject to a certain number of members on a first-come, first-served basis;
Promotions expire at 11:59 PM PST on dates specified by Gameroom Gamer;
Points from Promotions cannot be earned on prior purchases nor on any prior Member Actions and may not be combined with any other promotions;
If you qualify for multiple Promotions after completing a single Net Purchase, the points that will be applied to your Gameroom Gamer account will be from the Promotion where you earn the highest number of points.
Points earned from Promotions related to apps and games may only be applied one time to a single Gameroom Gamer account; and
Additional terms, conditions and exclusions may apply to Promotions
Points Usage

6.1 Points Usage. As part of your Membership in the Program, you may use your points to get various Content, merchandise, coupons, promotional credit, discounts and any other promotional items or incentives made available by Gameroom Gamer from time to time (“Point Item(s)”). Point Items may vary by Promotion.

6.2 Point Items Are Final. Unless otherwise specified by Gameroom Gamer:

Point Items are final and non-transferable;
The Point Items you get from using your points may not be returned, replaced, exchanged, or refunded; and
You may only receive points from Net Purchases and wins and losses.

6.3 Gameroom Gamer reserves the right to add, modify or remove Point Items at any time.

6.4 Point Item Types.

Coupons. Coupons are a type of Point Item that Gameroom Gamer may offer as part of the Program from time to time. You may use points from your Point Balance in exchange for Coupons. Your use of Coupons is subject to section 2.3(a)(i)(A) (Coupon Terms).
Content Items. Gameroom Gamer may offer certain Content Items as a type of Point Item under the Program from time to time. You may use points from your Point Balance in exchange for Content Items. Your use of Content Items is subject to section 2.3(a)(ii)(A) (Content Item Terms).
Other. Gameroom Gamer reserves the right to offer other types of Point Items from time to time.

7.1 Data Collection. Gameroom Gamer will collect and maintain certain information you provide in order to track your enrollment and use of Gameroom Gamer and validate your eligibility for Promotions, Point Items and any other activity associated with your use of Gameroom Gamer. This includes your points activity and the dates and times of when you earn points in the Program (e.g. when you enroll, when you sign into your Gameroom Gamer Account, when you make purchases on the Gameroom Gamer store that earn you points, when you use points in exchange for Point Items, and when you unenroll).

App Performance

Developer, and not Gameroom Gamer, is responsible for any defects or performance issues related to the apps and games (including in-app and in-game items) that you access as part of the Program, including but not limited to Points Benefits and points usage, and you should contact the developer for support. Developer contact information can be found on their app details page.


9.1 As a member of the Program, you will lose all points in your Point Balance and benefits associated with your account if you: (a) unenroll from the Program; (b) close your Gameroom Gamer account; or (c) no longer meet the eligibility requirements of the Program.

9.2 Form of Payment. If you no longer have a valid payment method on Gameroom Gamer, you may continue to use points in your Point Balance and Point Items that you’ve earned but you will not be able to earn points from Content purchased and Member Actions on Gameroom Gamer.

9.3 Data Retention. After 30 days of unenrollment from the Program, you will not be able to recover your Gameroom Gamer account, including any existing Point Balance you may have.

Change, Removal and Termination

10.1 Changes. At Gameroom Gamer’s discretion and in accordance with applicable law, Gameroom Gamer may change, limit, or modify the Agreement and Program eligibility, benefits, regulations, and rules for Membership including enrollment, participation in the Program, or any other feature of the Program (including but not limited to the right to discontinue or change Program benefits, the expiration dates of points, the Perks under the Program, at any time and in any way without recourse) (collectively, “Change(s)”). Your continued use of the Program following any such Change will constitute your acceptance of such Change. The new Agreement and Program will apply to your use of the Program.

10.2 Removal. Any abuse or potential abuse of the Program, failure to follow any of the terms of the Agreement, or any misrepresentation or misconduct Gameroom Gamer determines as detrimental to its interest and not otherwise protected by law may impact your eligibility and participation in the Program and may lead to cancellation of your Gameroom Gamer account. If your Gameroom Gamer account is cancelled, any points in your Point Balance will automatically expire.

10.3 Termination. Upon 30 days notice to you, Gameroom Gamer may terminate the Program at any time. Within such notice period, you will be given an opportunity to use your points for any available Points Benefits and Point Items. Any such termination will be effective after such notice period.
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